This video will give you an overview of how your Dock Kit can be put together. We also provide printable plans below for download. Any further questions you can  contact us.

A list of tools needed for assembly of our dock kit are found here.


Dock Kit Plan B&W Dock Kit Plan Color Dock Kit 6x10 Plan Dock Kit AssemblyDownload Guide Accessories installationLadder, Triangle and L-bracket Hybrid 4x8 Plan Hybrid 6x8 Assembly DK-1260 Boat Lift


DOCK-KIT is available in units of 4’x10’ or 6 x10’.

Dock Kits include all necessary hardware to assemble your dock—all you have to do is purchase the wood of your choice and do the final assembly. All hardware, frames and posts are made in Canada of non-corrosive welded aluminum, stainless or galvanized steel for durability and long life. Each kit comes with complete assembly instructions. Kits are delivered to your location of choice ready for you to assemble.